R V 

"...I would like to thank the whole team for the effort they put into selling my boat and getting the best price for me.  You guys never stopped trying when it looked so quiet.  Thank you Team"


"...A very special 'thank you' to all of you for all your assistance, advice and professionalism regarding the sale of my charter boat at the on site auction on 28 May.  Due to the reason for the sale, there was naturally a lot of feeling involved, so I was very impressed with your understanding of the situation, and really going that extra mile to help me to achieve a successful auction outcome.   What a fantastic Team! I would thoroughly recommend using the experienced and competent crew at 'Marine Auctions' to obtain a fantastic result when selling your vessel. Thank you very much guys!"

S & N M

"...at least 10 times more buyer enquiry in four weeks than we had in 18 months while listed with brokers"


"...none of the brokers gave us anything like the feedback on inspections etc that you did and, in fact, one 'well respected' broker who signed a listing agreement never actually set foot on the boat"


"I was amazed at the quick success of a sale at Auction.  This is in no small way due to the effort from Adrian and the team.  After three years sitting at a mooring with two other brokers, collecting over $15,000 in mooring fees and only one enquiry, my boat sold in less than 10 days! Wow. "

A & L F 

"...It gives me great pleasure to write this letter of sincere appreciation for the fantastic job you did in selling our boat....we had the boat on the market for 8 months with some interest but no offers.  When you guys took over the marketing of the boat you had four times as many inspections as any of the so-called respected brokers in the market."

S & M DJ
"...Many thanks with your assistance in selling our yacht.  We had her on the market for over 6 months with not a lot of people viewing her after advertising.  The option of selling her at Auction originally did not occur to us.  It turned out to be a sure fire way of gaining interested and attracting buyers.  Thank you for your professionalism and well organised procedure in which you conducted business"

"...Thank you for your diligent effort and the dedication it takes to bring about a successful auction result.  I also appreciate the work and effort you have put into the sale of our vessel over and above your usual auction procedure.  You did a great job marketing and keeping prospective buyers interested throughout and I will certainly be recommending anyone wishing to auction their vessel to you"

"...My thanks for a well executed auction sale.  It was a good outcome and I know you put in a good effort.  The selling process at Marine Auctions is intelligent and effective."

"...I have been most impressed with the level of commitment and attention provided by your organisation.  Marine Auctions has distinguished itself from the casual approach of brokers who in my experience wait until someone goes out of their way to buy a boat from them.  Your approach is to sell a boat and this requires a much higher level of proactively and thought.  You communicated well with me and I got the impression that you never let an obstacle stand in the way of finding a buyer and get the deal done"


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