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Online Bidding Information


When bidding you have the option to Bid yourself or have the computer Bid on your behalf (Maximum Bid) with the option of placing a maximum bid which is the maximum price that you are prepared to pay. The Online Auction System will bid on your behalf up until your nominated maximum bid, this saves you from continually from checking the Online Auction. Please keep in mind you may be the highest bidder, at a lessor price than your original maximum bid.

If another bidder indicates a higher maximum than yours, you will be notified by an email notification. Please keep in mind you are only notified once you have been are outbid, it does pay to check the Online Auction prior to the close time.

If another potential purchaser bids a price the same as your maximum bid, you will remain the highest bidder as you placed the bid first.

Online Auction Closing Time

All our Online Auctions close at 2.00pm AEST ( Australian Eastern Standard Time) However if there is any bid on any lot within 10 minutes of the closing time, Extended Bidding will commence, this means that lot will be extended for 10 minutes, until such a time there are no further bids for a period of 10 minutes. There is no limit to the amount of times the lot can be extended.

Highest Bidder

If you are the highest Bidder, you may not be the purchaser, as there may be a reserve price placed on the lot you were bidding for, however within 24 hours of the completion of the Auction we will contact you by telephone or email to inform you if you were successful or not. All highest Bids are submitted to the Vendor for their consideration. If the vessel is passed in we negotiate with the highest bidder. (The highest bidder has first or refusal).

If you are the highest bidder and your bid is accepted by the Vendor you will be sent notification within 24 hours after the close of Auction of your success together with your invoice.

Bid Request Terms and Conditions

There is a once off registration fee of the amount of $1.00 which is payable by credit card when completing your registration to confirm your identity. This is a one off fee and you are not charged a fee to Bid! Your credit card statement will contain a $1 charge for this transaction from NextLot.

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